At Investor Lending, we are helping private money lenders in Houston and Dallas make sound real-estate investments. We provide them short-term, private real estate investor loans in Houston against collateral in the form of property.

What Is Private Money Lending?

These personal loans allow the lenders to escape from cumbersome documentation and long processes accompanied by the traditional loans requested by the bank. In contrast, Investor Lending provides a flexible approach; we never take more than a few days to get your loans approved so that you don’t have to go through piles of paperwork and boatloads of formalities.

When Should You Use the Private Loans?

The private money loans can be helpful in a number of instances, such as:

  1. Real estate investors who want to buy the right properties at the right time
  2. Fix and flip investors buying and upgrading distressed properties for profit
  3. Borrowers with low credit score
  4. Investors looking for construction loans
  5. Homeowners looking for quick loans to pay their traditional mortgage and avoid foreclosures
  6. Buy and hold investors who need cash to purchase, upgrade or refinance the property or rent it to the tenants.
  7. Borrowers wanting to consolidate and pay their multiple loans

How Are Private Money Loans Different From Other Loans?

Private money lenders in Dallas are the individuals who can be anyone, even a friend or a family member who wants to invest in your venture. To put it simply, these loans are funded by people who are not providing loans as their profession. These loans may flaunt lower interest rates and flexible terms contrary to the hard money loans.

Hard money loan, as the name suggests, involves “hard” assets as the collateral of the loan like real estate. Hard money loans are provided by people who are in the business of providing loans and has a large client-base comprising of real estate borrowers. Either option is good for investors who want to invest in real estate.

How Private Money Works?

The private money lending process in Dallas and Houston, Texas is quite simple. The process and flexibility extent may vary from lender to lender, as the private money lenders are usually people like relatives, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. However, when it comes to investor lending we have a proper roadmap for private money loans.

We simply value your collateral (property), provide you with a quote, and if everything goes well, we will provide you the private money, hard money, rehab loan in Dallas or Houston, Texas. Please remember that we love complete files and documentation; this will help us get your private money loan, hard money loan or rehab loan approved faster.

Investor Lending has a long history of private money lending in Houston, Dallas, or across central Texas. We have a huge client-base that has capitalized on our services and received loans on time, every time.

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