Here from our valued clients/partners and why they chose Investor Lending to help grow their portfolios.

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Pre-Qualification Application

Pre-Qualification Application:

We provide financing advise to each of our clients so you can grow your portfolio. Lets start with validating your qualifications so we can create the best strategy for you..
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Loan Application

Loan Application:

Give us the wheel, we will drive you through the best course of financing to secure your investments and grow your portfolio.
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Available Properties

Available Properties:

Non MLS, Non Listed. You have direct access to wholesale inventory pruned for investors.

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The Best Hard Money Lender in Dallas & Houston, TX

Investor Lending LLC. is a private money lender for real estate investors that receives its capital through private funds, and was founded by Blake Yarborough. We provide hard money loans in Dallas for residential rehabs, commercial rehabs, and purchases. Our real estate investor loans are targeted to investors who prefer short term financing for their properties.

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