Investor Lending LLC, is a resource for Real Estate Investors that receives its capital through private funds, and was founded by Blake Yarborough. We provide Hard Money Loans for residential rehabs, commercial rehabs, and purchases. This is targeted to investors who prefer short term financing for their properties.

Blake Yarborough has financed over 1,000 loans for investors in the past decade. Because he is an investor himself, he analyzes the deals and chooses the best programs for the client’s and property’s needs. He is considered an expert in his field of Real Estate Financing, and has been a speaker at a largely publicized event with a best-selling author, as well as many other events. Furthermore, he has been featured on a myriad of radio shows including CBS, CNN, KSEV, KRLD, and biz radio. He has led Real Estate investor bus trips, and taught new investors how to analyze and evaluate properties.

Investing is a family tradition for the Yarboroughs. He and his wife, Crystal, currently own and manage 135 rental units, and they are in the trenches working to expand their portfolio. They invest in high cash flow properties with the goal of replacing their income completely, so they can provide the quality of life for their family that many people dream of.

He continues to set standards for himself, and his education goal is to learn every aspect of investing, from financial management to building maintenance and repair. This will better outfit Yarborough to analyze properties for the client’s investments and profit potential.

When working with Investor Lending, you have the resources needed to manage your Real Estate investment due to Yarborough’s expertise and leadership.

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